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Your Wedding DJ: To Take Requests or Not?

As a wedding DJ in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, it's not uncommon that songs come through as a request at a marriage reception. While it may seem harmless, the bride and groom have likely already been quite meticulous about their choices and taken time to perfect them. It's their day, and adding anything ad lib may see music being played that they don't deem appropriate or don't really like.

Even if the bride and groom are happy for their guests to make requests, it can create chaos, and even the best reception disc jockey would find it near impossible to fit everyone's demands in on the night. We have explored some alternative ways to include guests choices and etiquette that they should follow out of respect to the couple getting married.

1. Let the DJ use their own discretion

By now, the best wedding disc jockey would have a greater understanding of what type of tunes the couple likes. Instead of saying no to guests, they can discern whether the request suits the couple or not and decide whether to play it.

2. Add Extras Ahead of the Big Day

There is one way that there can be less stress on the day, and this is by adding a section to the invitation. This way, the disc Jockey can be prepared ahead, and the newlyweds can pick and choose what they deem appropriate for their day.

3. Ask Early In the Evening

If the couple has deemed guests asking for songs appropriate for their reception, we recommend this being done during cocktail hour or early in the evening. This gives us time to get our list organised and make any additions to the prepared playlist.

4. Don't Make Unusual Choices

While unusual can be fun, we recommend leaving unique choices to the couple if it's not your day. What you may think is fun may not be suitable for everyone else at the party; however, if by happenstance it's on the list already, you may get to hear your idea.

5. No Amendments

You will find that many newlyweds are quite strict about their song lists and don't allow any amendments or adding tunes. There is always the risk that if other people have input into the plan that genres might be chosen that the couple doesn't like. While this may be upsetting to some of the guests who may disagree with the couple's choice, it is their celebration, so they get to choose what they wish.

Request a Melbourne MC and Music Professional

At wedding DJ Melbourne and Yarra Valley, we are a company that specialises in providing the best MCs and songs for your playlists on your memorable day. We are knowledgeable about current tunes and various music genres to supply you with some of the best music that has special meaning to you both. We welcome you to contact us and ask us how we can help you get some of your favourite music sung by your favourite singers and bands.

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