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What makes a brilliant last song at a wedding

The last song at a wedding is a big deal. It sets the mood for not just you leaving for your honeymoon or wedding night (or maybe just to pass out on a hotel bed somewhere), but for all the guests who have participated and enjoyed your special day. It's a last hurrah before curtains close, last call, one last dance before everyone goes home- exhausted but full of love and maybe too many drinks. But how do you choose the last dance song? There are so many options and so many things to think about- here’s some tips for choosing an amazing last song at your wedding.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing a last song is what it means to you. It’s all very well choosing a crowd pleaser, but this is your wedding- what songs carry significance to you and your partner specifically? Maybe it’s a song you always sing in the car together, the one that you first made out to at a house party, or just one you feel encapsulates your relationship perfectly. Whatever the meaning, make sure the song you go out to is one you hold a special place for in your heart for.


What mood do you want to end on? Most people want to go out on a high but there’s more to it than simply choosing an upbeat song. If you want a song that everybody gets into as one last group hurrah, you can’t go wrong with a classic for all ages. If you want one last dance party- something with a good beat is a must. And there’s something so special about joining in on a massive group singalong- so making it a well-known song can also be a lot of fun. You may even choose to leave it to your wedding DJ- especially if you want a last song that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser or that matches the tone of the whole night thus far. Either way- consider how you want yourself, your partner and your guests to feel when picking your last dance song of the night.


This one might not be a priority for everyone, but it’s crazy the amount of people who celebrate to a song without realising afterwards its meaning is not so cheery after all. It is a good idea to take five minutes to google the song you’re thinking of choosing beforehand- just to make sure it isn’t a breakup song, or about a cult, or wildly offensive to the majority of your guests. Of course, if there is a song that’s not a traditionally positive song but has a good beat and is special to you and your partner, go crazy! Looking for advice? A good DJ can recommend the perfect song for you based on your history, preferences and taste in music (click https://www.weddingdj.melbourne for one such good DJ located in Melbourne). The most important thing is that the song you choose is special to you two, and that you can safely say you’ll look back knowing you made the best choice you could for this special song.

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