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DIY weddings- what’s worth it and what’s not? How to decide what to do yourself before your big day

DIY weddings have become more and more popular as time goes on and people try to save money leading up to their big day. As a result, homemade centrepieces, hand-picked flowers and crafted place settings are just some of the ways that brides and grooms have endeavoured to be more resourceful when it comes to their weddings. But how much DIY is too much? Are there some things you should just leave to the professionals? Let’s go over some things to think about before getting out the burlap and measuring tape.

The who

When deciding to go DIY- the first thing to think about is who will be in charge of doing the things that you would normally get a professional for. A lot of the time things can be done prior to the ceremony and just have to be set up on the day. But what about services that need to be provided on the day itself? You generally have three options- yourself, your loved ones, or the friend of a friend you have met once at a party. A general rule of thumb is that you don’t want to be doing anything organisational on your wedding day. You have so much to think about already, you will likely forget and if you don’t, you won’t be able to relax until you’ve done everything. Your family and friends will likely volunteer happily to help out, but just remember it's a big day for them too! And random acquaintances? Not ideal. You are putting the fate of your special day into someone you barely know! There are some things that are better left to the professionals- things like DJs, MCs, caterers and photographers. The things that you will regret if they get messed up. Start by booking the best wedding DJ in Melbourne here.

The when

So, say you’re crafty and really want to take care of the things you can do ahead of time yourself. This can be a wonderful idea and look amazing, but it’s important to consider when you will get it all done. Things like invites, place cards, centrepieces, decorations and info boards all take a lot of time to get right- and let’s not forget you’re likely doing them for the first time! It also bears mentioning that even if you don’t go DIY- wedding planning still eats up a lot of time- there’s makeup-trials, food and wine-tasting, venue finding, vendor approving and dress and suit shopping just to start! Make sure if you decide to go the DIY route that you plan out enough time- and then enough time again in case it goes pear shaped and you have to start over.

The why

Lastly, the most important thing to consider when thinking about which parts of your wedding to do yourself is to consider why you want to do them yourself. Most people will say to save money- but don’t forget to factor in the cost of supplies, the time it will take to get it done and the stress of getting just right- sometimes peace of mind is worth more than a few dollars. Of course, if there are things you would rather do that mean a lot to you, you should definitely do them! Maybe your make-up artist bestie has been dreaming of doing your wedding makeup for years, or you’re an artist who wants everyone to have a hand-painted invite or wedding favour. Either way- if it’s something you want you should do it! Your wedding is about you, so let what you decide to do yourself reflect that.

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