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The Difference between a DJ and an MC

When organising your special day, there is much to think of and decide what you need to make your day run perfectly. You want to get the right entertainment and someone to host the reception. We get asked a lot, can the Disc Jockey also be the Master of Ceremonies? In Short, no, they are very different jobs and are much more easily done separately. We explore why below, so when you need to decide who will help you run your day and keep the songs flowing in Melbourne or the Yarra Valley, you will know what to expect.

Your Wedding Music Specialist

A Disc Jockey, commonly referred to as a DJ, is magic with music. They are the professionals that will prepare your choice of tunes for your wedding dinner and will get the guests moving on the dance floor. They not only work with you before your ceremony to find the tunes you love for some exceptional playlists on the day. But they are also usually quite energised people who are naturally interactive with the audience with a natural ability to read the crowd. They are excellent at ensuring the songs side of things runs smoothly and that you all have a great evening.

Your Disc Jockey will:

  • Know correct pronunciations

  • Know how long the tunes will go for

  • Will respect your list of "do not play" songs

  • Can create fun mashups

Your MC Has a Way with Words

Great MCs (Master of Ceremonies) have quite an important role - they entertain guests with funny comments, announce dinner times and the couple's first dance etc. Depending on how serious you want your event to be will depend on the role they take. Some are fantastic at giving your reception a relaxed and personal feel; others seek to create unique memories. The main goal is to ensure your night runs smoothly.

A professional Master of Ceremonies Melbourne will have:

  • Have everything organised in advance

  • Know what's happening and ensuring everyone knows what they need to do

  • Add emotion and special touches

  • Are careful with humour

What're the Main Variations?

The differences between the two are relatively straightforward. One keeps the night running along and sections of the evening introduced. The other will guarantee a great night of music that you love.

What's the Best Way?

The big question is, what is the best way of moving forward? Do you choose one over the other, or are both essential to keep the reception moving smoothly? The answer isn't particularly straight forward because it depends on what type of energy you want. The best way to make your decision is by looking at what each person does and decide what is most important to make your day run as you want it.

Did you know we also have singers for your Yarra Valley wedding? Want to know more? Ask our experienced team how we can provide some of the best entertainment on your big day.

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