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Why you should hire DJ and MC for your wedding

If you’re planning a wedding, you are probably facing the age-old decision- DJ and MC or not. If you’re trying to rein in spending for your big day, it can be tempting to forgo a wedding DJ and opt for an extroverted friend with Spotify premium instead. Here’s why that may not be the best idea.

Take the pressure off your loved ones

When people decide to do the music themselves- their next port of call is usually their friend group. Who can be in charge of music, who can MC, who can make sure everything happens when it's supposed to happen. “It’ll be fine” you say- “all they have to do is make a few announcements and press play, right?”. If only that were true. By asking your friend or loved one to be in charge of music or MCing- you’re asking them to spend all night with one eye on the clock- making sure everything is on time and dealing with background hassles like the venue not having an adequate sound system or the fact that your drunk uncle is giving a 30-minute toast. It is so, so much easier to get a professional, experienced DJ and MC who is all too skilled at wrapping up rambling relatives, getting to everything in a timely manner and speaking in front of a room full of strangers. And you know it will be good, because that’s their only job all night! Leaving you and your loved ones to focus on nothing but having a good time (book the best DJ and MC in Melbourne!).

Avoid stress

I’ve said it before, and I'll say it again- don’t leave yourself things to do on the wedding day if you can help it. Even if you think it's easy enough to plug your phone into some speakers at the start of reception, or round everybody up for a family photo- all you’re doing is taking time away from the day itself. Leave the organisation, thinking and potential problems to the professionals.

Keep the vibe going

Now you might make a great playlist, and your outgoing cousin may have no problem speaking in front of strangers, you may even have drilled everyone and their dog on what time they are speaking, sitting and breathing. But if you don’t have a DJ and MC (aka vibe controller), it’s not going to be the same. Not only is a wedding DJ qualified to choose music that fits more than one person’s niche taste, make announcements in a way that doesn’t sound like a drill sergeant, and queue the music you want when you want it- they know how to read the room! They know when to pump up the music, pull back a little, call people onto the dancefloor, set the mood during dinnertime and basically run the whole tone of the wedding from the moment the happy couple enter to the moment they leave. You can’t put a price on the life of your party.

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