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Why music is the no. 1 requirement for an amazing wedding

Your wedding is the thing you look back on for years as one of the most special days of your life. The anticipation, stressful lead up and last-minute running around all lead to one day that is (ideally) all worth it- filled with love, laughter and incredible memories. One thing that people often forget the importance of, however, is music. After chasing up vendors, permits, orders and RSVPs- surely music is something you can just leave until the last minute, right? Wrong. Music (especially music curated by a DJ), is one of the most important parts of an unforgettable wedding, and here’s why:

Ambience & Mood

Do you know what a wedding is without music? Awkward silence, speaking in hushed tones and the sound of people chewing. Yuck. Even with a sound system and a pre-planned playlist- you are just asking for mistimed mood music (maybe let’s not have Get Low playing while you cut the cake?), your cousin adding some underground indie music no-one has ever heard of to the queue, and for Grandpa Joe to trip over the speaker cord mid first dance. Wedding DJs exist for a reason, and they are responsible for so much more than just pressing play on some good tunes. They make it flow, they set the mood, they read the room. On your wedding day you don’t want to have to worry, and you don’t want to leave things up to chance. A DJ is the best way to ensure the music, and in doing so the wedding, lives up to all your wildest dreams. Get in touch with the best wedding DJ and MC in Melbourne.


Once all the hard bits of the wedding are over- the walking down the aisle without stacking it, your best friend giving a speech that doesn’t incriminate you in front of your parents, no-one getting way too drunk way too early and falling in the water fountain (I’m looking at you auntie Cheryl)- there’s a lot of relief, built up adrenaline and happy energy to burn through, and how better to use it than through dance. Having some bangers ready to go once all the formal stuff is over is one of the best parts of the wedding, and some of the best memories you’ll have of your wedding will be the way you felt dancing your special night away. It’s even better having someone there who can cue up songs seamlessly as the mood evolves through the night. A little bit louder now, a little bit softer now? The Wedding DJ always knows.

Soundtrack your day

Music has the amazing power to take us back to the special times we had listening to those songs in the past. Your wedding playlist will be exactly that. You’ll smile at the supermarket music thinking of your dumb brothers dancing or get all weepy in the car listening to the radio thinking of how much fun you had with your partner that night. Having someone there to take care of the music means that the songs chosen will be on point- matching the energy of the wedding, not playing every cheesy song in the book and making the whole thing gel into a smooth, amazing experience. A DJ who works closely with you to learn your preferences, music taste and requirements ensures that the playlist of your special day is timeless and tailored just for you and your partner.

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