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Why it’s important to select some, but not all, of the reception music. Let the DJ earn their money!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

When you are hiring a wedding DJ in Melbourne, it is reasonable to

feel very exciting in thinking about how the music would play out at

your wedding.

You might be dreaming about how wonderful it is

when you are dancing in the middle of the guests while dance music

playing in the background. Perhaps you have that dream as you

might have seen a similar vision in movies when the hero and

heroine dances in the rain. While it is perfectly reasonable to think

and feel this way, it is essential to let your DJ select the music as well.

You can certainly select some of the reception music, but it is also

essential for your wedding DJ in Melbourne to be able to choose the

rest. This is because your DJ would already have experience in

knowing which would work best for your wedding. If you are

selecting all the reception music, your DJ would have to work extra

hard. He or she has to spend extra time and more effort preparing.

When more time is being spent, there is a cost involved. Most people

would not want to spend more money than their budget, so it is

reasonable that a DJ can also have the liberty of choosing some of

the music. It would help if you let your DJ earn his money by not

overworking him. Even the best DJ and MC in Melbourne would not

be too pleased if they are overworked. When they are happy, you

will also be. Your DJ would be able to play the best music for your

wedding if they can earn reasonably from the gig at your wedding.

Ideally, you can compile a shortlist of songs that you might like for

your reception and forward it to your wedding DJ in Melbourne. Your

DJ might offer some suggestions. If you are hiring the best DJ in

Melbourne, you can be sure that his or her recommendations would

be excellent for you. The wealth of experience comes in handy, and

he or she would know what is best for you and your guests. While

you might know which reception songs you like, it might not

necessarily be in harmony or smooth-playing when playing from one

track to another. That is why you should trust your DJ and leave it to

your DJ's discretion to make the final list. It would be best if you

allowed the final list to include music and tracks from your DJ.

If you wish to select all of the reception music, there are a few issues

that could occur. Firstly, your DJ has to put in extra hours, and this

means the effort and cost would unnecessarily inflate. Secondly, the

songs might not be in harmony, so it would not create a nice flow

during the reception. If the flow is not right, it is hard for guests to

enjoy your wedding. This is why it is essential to select some, but not

all of the reception and let your wedding DJ in Melbourne earn their


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