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Why energy is so important at your wedding

We've all been to a wedding where we thought... Wow, that just felt amazing! If we break this down and think about what that might mean, it may come down to the love felt between the couple; the closeness of the friends and family and, nearly always the energy of the music in the background.

Selecting the right wedding DJ in Melbourne will guide the energy and feel of the night. No matter how amazing the crowd is if the MC and/or DJ is getting wrong, the energy of the event will be compromised.

What this looks like in terms of your wedding entertainment talent is experience, skill and personality. Guiding the crowd through an emotional journey, often starting out slow and steadily building as the evening goes on.

But it's not just the DJ that will determine the energy with relation to the music. You as a couple will choose many key songs in the night, including entries, first dance and farewell. Do you want an emotional energy; or an uplifting energy; or for it to be all about fun and humour. The choice is yours, but the best wedding DJs will make anything possible.

The DJ shouldn't just press play, they should plan with you and even mentor you to get the outcome that you crave. Don't settle for second best. Plan your wedding with experienced talent that have proven results and the nerve to deliver time and time again.

It all comes down to how you wish to plan your wedding. There's many Melbourne suppliers to choose from so do your homework and go with your gut!

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