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Why Being in Complete Control of Your Playlist Can Backfire?

Creating a playlist for your wedding is all about just putting together a list of your favourite songs, right? As a couple, you want your playlist to be meaningful to you both, songs that have a special place in your heart. However, pulling together a list that will entertain your guests can impact how the reception flows, which is why people often choose to use a wedding DJ's services. They have the right skills to pull everything together for flow, timing throughout the night and variety so your guests don't get bored.

Sharing the control of your playlist can have many benefits for the big day; we explore the best reasons and why being in complete control could backfire:

The Evening May Not Flow

There is a reason why people hire professional DJs for their Yarra Valley and Melbourne weddings because they know how to ensure the music flows. While the order may not seem important, your experienced DJ will put your choices in an order that flows seamlessly rather than just randomly. Getting assistance from someone that works with music every day will help your evening flow seamlessly without messy gaps.

Variety of Music

When being in complete control of your playlist, you may love dance music, but not every song needs to be bouncy and lively. Your guests will want a bit of a reprieve and something a little slower. Accepting others' help, particularly the best wedding DJ Melbourne and Yarra Valley, will guide you through using some choices that you may not typically have thought of to break the evening up a little and change the pace on the dance floor.

Number of Songs

While you may have a list of favourite songs, you may have too many or not enough to fill the evening with. Your playlist could definitely backfire if you don't get the assistance of someone who understands what it takes to pull a list together and how to time it out so that you don't run out on the day. This means timing the first dance song and subsequent dance sessions throughout the evening.

Let Others Share Music that Reminds them of you

Allowing loved ones to share in your music list can be a refreshing way to include others. It is a way for them to celebrate you by making choices that remind them of their relationship with you as a couple. It can be a unique way to add variety while still bringing meaning to the playlist.

Avoiding Backfire

Without others' help when putting your playlist together can cause many issues, which includes forgetting meaningful songs to you and your partner, not enough balance and playing too much of one genre. This doesn't mean having everyone comment and add suggestions to your list but choosing select people to assist you, including a DJ who has all the right skills to ensure you make the perfect playlist for your memorable day.

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