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What Songs are "Stereotypical" Wedding Songs, and Is that Good or Bad?

As wedding DJ's Melbourne and Yarra Valley, we want your wedding reception to be a fun occasion where you get to celebrate coming together as husband and wife. When it comes to music, we have seen it all, and one thing we have learnt over time is that while there are some songs that people play at just about every wedding, that still get people on the dance floor, and others should be left behind.

Some of the most popular are as cheesy as can be; they are old and overplayed but are great "stereotypical" songs. These songs are not necessarily bad or good; some should never be played, and other's your guest almost come to expect at every wedding they attend.

"Sweet Caroline" - Neil Diamond

If there is a song that everyone is bound to have everyone singing along to, then Sweet Caroline is it! It's a song about being together as one, and the chorus gets everyone singing on the top of their lungs. While it may seem like a 'cheesy' choice, it's guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Anything by Ol' Blue Eyes or Tony Bennett

The smooth, jazzy tones of Ol' Blue Eyes of Tony Bennett are a staple at weddings, and there is something beautiful about their songs. These songs are so popular at weddings because of the glow these tunes make you feel and the slow, effortless feel. Our wedding DJ's believe these are a must-have at any wedding and are a good choice.

"Amazed" - Lonestar

Many country songs are filled with cliches, and Amazed is one of these, but it keeps making it onto wedding song lists. The question is, is this one good or bad...I think most people will say good. Ok, so some of you may be rolling your eyes because it's quite cliche, but it is one we would leave on the list if the couple asked.

"Perfect" - Ed Sheeran

It's a newer song but is already one of those "stereotypical" wedding songs that everyone has on their list. As wedding DJs Melbourne and Yarra Valley, we see this on at least 98% of song lists for receptions, and we agree it's a beautiful addition and is definitely a good pick.

"Today Was a Fairytale" - Taylor Swift

This has definitely become one of those "stereotypical" songs that we as DJs often see on the list. It's romantic, and some may say way too sweet, but if this is one that a couple loves, we say why not have it on the list.

Good or Bad?

As you can see from our list, we think most songs are good regardless of how old they are or how "stereotypical." We believe there are no such things as good or bad songs for your reception list, and yes, while some may be cliche, all that it matters is that you love them and they have meaning to you. The only time songs are good or bad or when stereotypes matters is when the lyrics are questionable, and the language may offend.

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