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What Guests Will Remember Most from Your Wedding: Vows, Speeches, and Party-time!

A wedding is a significant, life-changing event that you will never

forget. The same goes for your guests who would be witness to your

vows and speeches.

In the minds of your guests, they would remember not just your

vows and speeches but also the fabulous party-time such as when

you have a wedding DJ in Melbourne for your wedding.

Whether you are organising a wedding event for 50 or

200 guests, most core aspects remain the same.

You would still make your vow and your partner would make as well.

Your parents, best man and leading bridesmaid would most likely

present their speeches as usual. There is a core element that you

should not forget. As important as the vows and speeches are, the

atmosphere and ambience are essential as well. Just like when you

watch an action movie when some cops are chasing some bank

robbers in a high-speed car chase, there would always be sirens

blaring and usually fast-music playing in the background. Without

such sound, the car chase would lose its momentum among the

viewers. The feeling would not be as intense and likely be dull. The

right sound or music always accompanies every critical scene in a


The same goes for your wedding. When you are making your vows,

a wedding DJ in Melbourne could play some sweet background

music during your vow and just after you make your vow to create a

touching moment ambience. With such music, more tears would

flow among your guests. This is not the objective, but the main point

is to create everlasting memories for you and your guests.

The best wedding DJ in Melbourne would easily be able to play the

right music when your parents make their speeches as well. A

touching speech accompanied by the right music will make a

significant impact on your guests. It is just like having the right

delicious sauce while you enjoy your steak (or fresh olive oil with

your salad if you are vegetarian). You can also consider having both a

wedding DJ and MC if it is within your budget.

Last but not least, you could end your night with a bang through

dance music rendered by your wedding DJ in Melbourne. You could

ask your guests to have a dance with one another. It does not matter

whether they are young or older. When it comes to dancing with the

right music, almost everyone will enjoy it. This party-time to close

the night would be a beautiful memory that your guests would

always remember even years after your wedding. 

As such, when you are planning your wedding, always consider hiring

a wedding DJ and MC in Melbourne. You would want your guests to

have positive memories. They would certainly remember your vows,

speeches and the party-time so do your best to make it as

memorable as possible for them especially when they take the effort

and time to come to your wedding.

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