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Top 3 Reasons Explicit Lyrics Don't Belong at Your Wedding Reception

Choosing music for your reception is an essential part of your planning with your wedding DJ. Just as necessary is your nuptials do-not-play list because there are songs that you should avoid playing on your special day.

We understand that your day of union is all about the bride and groom, but any wedding DJ in Melbourne will tell you that there are considerations that need to occur, and we take you through the top 3 of these. When considering these points, we still want you to enjoy the music style you both prefer and have some solutions that may work for you.


If kids are invited to your reception or your own are attending, you may need to think carefully about what music you choose. Every family has different music standards, swearing and sexual content exposure, so keeping your music as PG as possible is the best DJ's recommendation.

Lyrics to avoid around pre-teens:

  • Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

  • 3 by Britney Spears

  • Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People

  • Lonely by Bella Thorne

  • Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons


  • Forewarn your guests with children attending your celebration and allow them to make the choice of whether their little ones will attend or not.

  • Organise for the little ones to be babysat in a hotel room later in the evening after the meals and dancing, then play any music you desire.

Significant Tunes from Ex-Partners

This day is a time to celebrate each other and your future together, so a big no-no for your day are songs that were significant to you and your ex. While you may absolutely love these, your current partner may associate them with memories that aren't appropriate.

Popular romantic choices:

  • Conversations in the dark by John Legend

  • You're Beautiful by James Blunt

  • Thinking Out loud by Ed Sheeran

  • Can't help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

  • Falling by Trevor Daniel & Summer Walker


  • If you really like a piece that has been significant in the past, get your DJ to find a different version fo you that will spark less of the memories.

  • Check that your spouse is ok with your choice.

Consider the Lyrics

While we touched on this when referring to younger guests' content, there are other lyrics that you may not think about that aren't tasteful for a reception. You will find that some of the most popular songs reference death, suicide, breaking up, negatively referring to in-laws, and the list is endless.

Choices for your do-not-play list

  • Every Breath you take by the Police - Lyrics are creepy.

  • I will always love you by Whitney Houston - About a breakup.

  • Make you feel my love by Adele - Also about a breakup

  • Gold Digger by Kanye West - Mentions prenups and motives other than love.


  • Before making a final choice on your music, check that the lyrics don't have negative connotations or are offensive to those attending your celebration. While they may seem like the perfect song, they are often disguised as something else.

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