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Surprise Dances: What You Should Know Before You Plan One for your Wedding Reception

Surprise wedding dances seem to be how people are expressing their love for one another. It's also a way that people add an element of surprise to their reception and kick the night off. However, there are several steps that you need to take to ensure that it goes off without a hitch.

Timing is Everything

Speak with your best wedding DJ Melbourne and Yarra Valley about timing. It's not appropriate to do it during speeches, but it could be a fun way to do the first dance or could also be at the most surprising time, like as your about to leave or when you arrive at the reception.

It is best timed if everyone is seated, which gives you room to pull off the surprise.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Whether you are doing it as a flash mob or just as a couple, practice can make it all go off without a hitch. When they are well planned and practised, a surprise dance can be quite spectacular and set the mood for the night ahead. This doesn't mean you need professional lessons, but putting the routine together beforehand means a lot less stress on the day.

Keep it Simple

It isn't a dance competition, so the choreography doesn't need to be complicated. You already have a lot happening on your big day, so keeping it as simple as possible means that you won't have any added stress. Simple can be pretty spectacular. Repetitive moves can help fill the dance out without you having to learn too many complicated steps.

How Long

When planning your surprise dance, be sure to keep it to a couple of minutes because too long means more steps you need to learn, and you want to also keep your guest's attention.

Ensure there's Enough Room

Space is one of the most important considerations because if you are dancing around, you want to ensure enough room to make. If you can practice in the space before the wedding, you get an idea of space, then even better. Plan your surprise dance in an open space, like the dance floor if possible.

Coordinate with your Wedding DJ and MC

To pull it all off with ease, the best way to seamlessly achieve your fun surprise is to involve your wedding DJ and MC Melbourne. They can help you coordinate the timing, pull the music together and basically make sure it goes off without a hitch without any of the guests being aware until you begin your routine.

Dance Baby Dance

Surprising your guests with a fun dance routine is not only a great way to get your reception started; it gives your guests something to talk about, other than the beautiful ceremony they witnessed. Ensure it is a fun, lively and smooth transition in your reception that will not only be something you remember as a special part of your wedding day but also a time for your guests to remember.

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