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How to make sure your wedding dance floor is packed all night long!

When you are planning your wedding, you want everything to be perfect for you - but you also want your guests to have the best time! One of the best parts of a wedding is the dance floor at the reception. Your wedding dance floor should be packed all night to ensure that your guests have a great time! Here are some tips on how to make sure that happens:

1. Pick the right songs: This is probably the most important tip. You want to make sure that you pick songs that will get your guests moving and keep them dancing all night long. Avoid slow songs or anything that might clear the dance floor. Aim for a mix of fast and slow songs, and make sure to include some classics that everyone will know and love. And in Australia, don't forget that "Nutbush City Limits" is a great song to get at least half of your guests shimmying and jumping around!

2. Hire a great DJ: A great DJ will know how to read a crowd and play the right music to keep everyone dancing. If you can, hire a professional DJ for your wedding reception. A great DJ will make sure to space out the right songs, have the right vibe that matches your theme and keep the energy up all night.

3. Get everyone involved: One way to get people up and dancing is to involve them in the music. Encourage your guests to participate in line dances or other fun activities that will get them moving. You also might like to try some wedding-specific dances, like the father-daughter dance or the mother-son dance. Another great idea is to have the option to add music to the DJ's playlist - this way, your guests can request their favourite songs and get everyone else on the dance floor.

4. Set the mood: The right lighting and decorations can really set the mood for a great party. Consider hanging lights or lanterns around the dance floor area, or setting up a photo booth nearby to keep guests entertained. You might also want to provide some fun props, like glow sticks or hats, to get people into the party spirit.

5. Make it fun: Don't be afraid to let loose and have some fun on the dance floor yourself! Your guests will feed off of your energy and be more likely to have a good time if they see you enjoying yourself. You also might like to try some fun props, like glow sticks or confetti, to make the dance floor more exciting.

6. Keep the party going: The last thing you want is for the party to fizzle out at the end of the night. Make sure you keep the energy high by playing some fast songs towards the end of the reception. This will keep people dancing until it's time to go home!

Having a rocking wedding party with a great dance floor is all about planning ahead. By following these tips, you can make sure that your wedding dance floor is packed all night long!

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