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How to Ensure Your Music Selection Appeals to All Guests at Your Wedding

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

When it comes to music selection, it is is quite common for some

people to choose based on what they like and not what their guests

would like.

While the best wedding DJ in Melbourne would know

that at the tips of his ten fingers what is best for the crowd, you

might not. It is easy for you to accidentally choose music that you like

which your guests would not enjoy.

This scenario happens so often in many other areas of life, for

example, when you decide what food you would cook for your

partner or children. You might feel like cooking steak, but you

overlooked the fact that your partner only enjoys steak prepared by

the restaurant and not yours. This might be trivial, and there is a

significant difference between this supposedly similar scenario with

the scenario of choosing music you like at your wedding which your

guests do not like.

The significant difference though is that while your partner might not

like your food for today, she might forget it the next day. When you

cook her favourite food the next day, she would be happy again.

From there, you are back to your "happy wife, happy life". However,

the same cannot be said for music selection for your wedding. Your

wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event unless you are planning to


As it is such an important event, you want to be sure that your music

selection appeals to all of your guests. While you might enjoy Despacito,

Darude - Sandstorm or PSY's Oppa Gangnam Style, it does

not mean that all of your guests would too. Some of your elderly

guests might not like loud or fast music. They might even feel Justin

Bieber's Baby song as being too loud. As such, it necessary to know

you can ensure your music selection appeals to all of your guests.

A simple way is to think like how a wedding DJ in Melbourne would.

Melbourne, which is one of the world's most liveable cities, is known for

great music and crowd. When a DJ is choosing his tracks, he will

assess his audience based on their demographics, especially age,

location and preferences. You can follow the same step. Just think of

what is the average age of your guests and an estimated breakdown

of each age group. If you are expecting more than 50% of your guests

to be elderly, then obviously you should not be Darude - Sandstorm

song or hardstyle music.

As for the location factor, if most of your guests are coming from

rural areas, perhaps there is a higher chance that country-style music

would appeal to them. If the majority of them are millennials, they

would most likely enjoy faster music and as such, electronic dance

music or EDM, in short, would be probably very appealing.

If you just cannot get your head around this, the best would be to

just hire a wedding DJ in Melbourne for your wedding. If your budget

allows, consider hiring both wedding DJ and MC for your wedding,

which would be a perfect combination like coffee and fresh milk (or

steak and BBQ sauce if you are lactose intolerant).

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