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Crazy One-Hit Wonders Everyone Loves to Dance To

If there is one thing we are sure of, there are songs at every wedding or event the hosts or bride and groom loves a one-hit-wonder. Those songs were hugely popular in their year of release, but the artist's popularity didn't go any further.

Some of these one-hit-wonders are great, others a tad annoying, and the songs chosen for events are often those that impacted in a significant way. Some always make the cut, especially rock ballads that will get everyone swaying along and out of the dance floor.

Whether you are putting together your playlist for your event or using a wedding DJ Yarra Valley, below, we explore some of the craziest one-hot wonders that you're bound to hear at weddings and other significant events.

"She's Like the Wind | Patrick Swayze

If you grew up in the '80s or celebrated any significant love event, you would have heard this one by Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing. It gave you the good feels then and still does now. It was a Number 1 hit in the '80s and is still a bit of an anthem now.

"Maniac" | Michael Sembello

This song could be considered a "crazy" choice, especially for a wedding, but you can be guaranteed that this song from Flashdance and once no 1. hit will get everyone up on the dance floor. Sadly, Michael following six albums didn't live up to the early hype of Maniac.

"Mickey" | Toni Basil

Another to get you on the dance floor and will have everyone singing out loud. It has an addictive beat, and even though the lyrics probably aren't appropriate for a wedding, at other parties and events, everyone will be expecting this one. Funnily enough, it wasn't a hit when it first came out, but a year later, it shot to fame.

"Black Velvet" | Alannah Myles

After this anthem, Alannah Myles became a blip on the radar. This much-loved song is one that you will often hear people singing on the top of their lungs, arm around each other's shoulders as they sway together. While she did go on to record, this hit is definitely what people know her for.

"7 Years" | Lukas Graham

Not one for a wedding but a song that you would hear at other events; we didn't hear a whole lot from Lukas Graham after this much-loved song hit the airwaves.

"Gangnam Style" | Psy

We've all heard the song and know the moves, and without a doubt, it is probably the craziest on our list, but Gangnam Style took the radio waves by storm. It went viral even though there is nothing particularly spectacular about the song, but the beat and choreography were a phenomenon and won a heap of awards.

"The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" | Ylvis

They were a funny duo with an annoying mix of animal sounds that become viral at the height of its success. It is one that everyone wants to sing and dance to at parties, even though it's a little (lot) on the crazy side.

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