Terms & Conditions

Wedding DJ Melbourne (Wedding Entertainment Group)

ABN: 57 025 488 043

PO Box 14, Holmesglen, VIC, 3148

The Performance

1. The entertainment facilitated by Wedding DJ Melbourne (Wedding Entertainment Group)  is generally described as the playback of music through sound equipment (with or without "DJ" narration), or “MC” duties, or “Singing” duties.



2. Wedding DJ Melbourne (Wedding Entertainment Group) facilitates and organises performers whom we have taken reasonable steps to ensure are experienced and competent professionals. The individual performer is solely responsible for carrying out the performance in a professional manner and is contracted by us to do so. Wedding DJ Melbourne (Wedding Entertainment Group) expressly accepts no liability for any insurance or other claims or misconduct associated with the paid performer before, during or after the performance.

Special Request Policy

3. You may submit a list of requested songs, The DJ or Singer will make efforts to obtain these, but there is no guarantee the DJ or SInger can make all of the songs available. Any music requests must be provided by you to the performer a minimum of 28 days prior to the performance or as advised by the performer.

Sound & Lighting

4. The Performer/s shall provide sound equipment, microphones, lighting and any other equipment necessary for the Performance.  You are required to ensure that the DJ or Singer will have access to at least two grounded power points. In the case of MC performances, sound equipment and microphone shall be supplied by you (or your venue etc.) unless Wedding DJ Melbourne (Wedding Entertainment Group) is notified at least 8 weeks prior to the performance. Wedding DJ Melbourne (Wedding Entertainment Group) agrees to facilitate all personnel required to assist the setup for and carrying out of the performance, and also takedown of equipment after the Performance.


5. The deposit paid for any performance will remain transferable to a new date or location if, for any reason, the event date or location is required to be changed. An additional fee may be required if the new location falls out of Wedding DJ Melbourne (Wedding Entertainment Group) 's included travel zone. Under these circumstances, every effort will be made by us to obtain the same talent as originally agreed upon. In cases where performances are cancelled with no new arrangement to complete the performance, deposits cannot be returned.